NextGen Office Billing Reminder Texts or Calls / Accounts Receivable Statement - Analysis Grid


This article shows you how to run a report from NextGen Office (formerly Meditouch) so that you can send out a reminder text or reminder phone call to all patients who have recently received a statement from you.  This can be helpful to alert patients that their statement is visible on the patient portal.  It can also be helpful to alert patients if you have their payment method (credit card) stored on file for automated payments on a specific date.

1. Open up NextGen Office in a web browser and login.

2. Click on Reports from the menu.


3. For the Report Type, select Accounts Receivable

From the Report Name, select Statement - Analysis Grid

Select the Start Date and End Date for the date of the statements you wish to include in the notices you  send out.

Finally, click the Generate Report button.



4. Now the report will appear on the screen.

Verify that the patients listed at the bottom of the screen, then click the Export Report - Excel button.



5. Name the file something meaningful and put it into a folder you can easily find in the future.

Example File Name: Statements_02-07-2020.xlsx and in your Desktop would be easy to find.

This is because you'll have to find the file to upload it to your secure account on in the next step.

Here's how to get that done:

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