Setup and Send a Missed Appointment Notice from QuickEMR v8

If you have patients who missed their appointments and would like to send out notices to these patients, you can do it now with our "Missed Appointment Notices"

Important Step:

Make sure to mark any missed appointments as "No Show" status in QuickEMR for this to work.

Setup Process:

Before you can send a Missed Appointment Notice, you need to coordinate with 1-800 Notify support to make sure your clinic's Missed Appointment notice is in place.   Please call 1-800-939-1853 or email to get the process started.  You can copy/paste the sample scripts below and edit them to email them to us, or just email us what you'd like in your closure notice.


Sample missed appt PHONE SCRIPT:

Hello, is a missed appointment notice from  ___(name of your clinic)____.  Our records show that (patient first name) missed your appointment on (day) (date).  Your healthcare is important to us and we'd like to get you re-scheduled as soon as possible. 

Ending for when a Person Answers:

Please press 2 to be connected to our office to reschedule now, or you may call us back at ____(your main phone number}____ during working hours.  Thank you.

Ending for an Answering Machine:

Please call us to get re-scheduled soon at ____(your main phone number)____ during working hours.  Thank you.


(Name of your clinic) Missed Appointment Notice
<name> recently missed an appt. on <appt_day> <appt_date>
Please call us at <office_phone> to get re-scheduled soon.
Thank you.


How to send you Office Missed Appt Reminders

1. For any patients that miss their appointments, you need to make sure you have marked them as "No Show" status in the schedule.



2.  In order to send your Missed Appointment Notices: From the menu, select Schedule > Reminder Calls



3. Go to Schedule/Reminder Calls then select the date of missed appointments. 

You will have already send a reminder to the patients that have missed their appointments so make sure you check the box

Include Already Sent and

Include Cancellations.  

Then click Find Reminders


4.  Select Missed Appointment (No Show) from the Message Type.

Then, Send Reminders





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