Call or Text us when you arrive for your appointment (COVID-19)

With 1-800 Notify and Zipwhip Business Texting, you can alleviate your call load for simple communication (not to be used for transmission of PHI) when your clients arrive at your clinic.

Why might you need this?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, you might want to say to your patients "Please call us when you arrive and we'll come get you when it's your time."

However, that approach will tie up your precious phone lines.

How about if you could receive and send texts via your existing clinic main phone number, but using your computer to view, send and manage the texts.  

Here's the concept:

1. Contact Zipwhip ( and ask them if they can text-enable your main clinic phone number.

2. Once you've got Zipwhip setup and you can send and receive texts from your main clinic phone number, then you're ready to add this to your 1-800 Notify messages:

"Please call or text us at __(your existing clinic phone #)___ when you arrive so we can arrange when you can safely enter the waiting room."


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