How to Generate an IVR Allocation Report (if you have multiple IVRs in separate accounts)

This article shows how to create a monthly IVR summary and allocation report when your IVRs are located in different accounts.  If you have multiple IVRs in single account, we have a different article for that process - ask us at for help!

Step 1. Download and make a copy of the sample Excel sheet attached to the bottom of this article.  Rename it for this month.

The Excel template is downloadable from a link at the bottom of this article.

Change the name to start with the month for the report (usually last month's data) - e.g. AUGUST 2020



STEP 2: Login to each of your accounts in turn to download the raw IVR Call Log data used for this report.

For each account that has an IVR:


Click on "Reports"

Select "CSV plus quoted w/ duration"

Click the "Date range" check box.


Select the 1st and last day of the month for your report.


Name your download so it's easy to find:



Step 3: Open up the call log file you just downloaded in Excel, filter and fill in the blanks in the report template.

3.1 Enable the filter for the top row



3.2  Adjust the "Period" in Cell  A1 to the month you are reporting.

Adjust the IVR names and phone #'s in rows 2 and 3.  (unless you have them from an earlier template).



3.3  Filter Col A for the production IVR phone # for this account (note - you are removing any non-production / testing phone calls for the month by doing this) 



3.3.1 Double-check  that the date range in this exported report only covers the date (month) you are interested in using for your report.  The way to get this done is to filter the Date column Q for the date range/month you are seeking.  Rarely the download file contains more dates of data than you originally select.  It's a good idea to double check by filtering column Q:




3.4  Look at the total number in the bottom - this will be total calls.


Showing 2298 total calls

Type this number in to the correct cell for this IVR phone # - in this example it's B 5


3.5  Click on the header of Column R (Duration) and look at the  total "Sum" at the bottom right of excel.


 Type this Sum (587520) into the correct cell B 7


3.6 Click on the header of  the balance column J


Put the count into Row 12 - Total successful payments

Put the Sum: into row 13 - Total Dollars collected



3.7 Click on the column K header - provider to see how many callers authenticated:


Take the Count: and put it into row 16 - Total # of Authenticated Callers


3.8  In the filter pull-down on column T (info) type in "Trans" to filter for all calls that ended in a transfer.


Take the count at the bottom and put that into row 18




Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all the accounts that have IVR call logs.




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