Press Release: 1-800 Notify Provides an Automation Solution to Keep Medical Staff Working, Patients Happy, and Calendars Filled

Missed appointments negatively impact a practice's bottom line, and 1-800 Notify has set out to improve it with its innovative automation solution.

1-800 Notify makes sure the patient is never forgotten with its automated reminder system. No additional software is required for physicians to easily upload or automatically share schedules, which gives 1-800 Notify, a HIPPA-compliant company, the ability to communicate with patients via text, phone, or email.  1-800 Notify Logo

A major piece of the healthcare industry puzzle is appointment reminders, as missed appointments negatively impact a practice's bottom line and take the staff's attention away from front-office priorities in order to address the scheduling discrepancies. 

​1-800 Notify realized this and created an automated solution to handle the scheduling communication between practices and patients. 

“Appointment reminders take up a considerable amount of time as it typically takes an hour for a staff member to manually call 20 patients,” said Martin Trautschold, Chief Executive Officer of 1-800 Notify. “We created 1-800 Notify to seamlessly automate this task so staff members can reallocate their time to other high-priority tasks such as verifying insurance, quickly responding to important patient questions, and greeting patients as they enter the office."

In fact, M. Gilbert MBA CPC, Practice Administrator at the University of OB GYN Associates Inc., in Syracuse, NY, noted that 1-800 Notify's platform reduced their no-show rate by 50 percent. 

"We are a very busy OB-GYN practice who runs our schedule on Epic Systems. Our staff was trying to make manual appointment reminder calls but sometimes became too busy to make every single call. Since we started using 1-800 Notify for appointment reminder calls and texts for our patients, we have seen our no-show rate drop by 50 percent (down from 14 percent to 7 percent) in just the first month. We are also receiving 33 percent confirmation. Patients are happy with the new system (no complaints) and each patient now receives two reminders – a phone call two days prior and a text reminder one day prior. In addition, our staff is happy not to have to spend hours every day on manual reminder calls. I would definitely recommend 1-800 Notify to any practice looking to streamline their appointment reminders and reduce no-shows," noted Gilbert.

While 1-800 Notify frees up a significant amount of time for staff who would otherwise be manually calling patients, it also provides a user-friendly experience for the patient, as it shares appointment reminders in a way that flows and doesn’t interrupt their lives via text, call, or email.

Automation, when implemented correctly, creates efficiencies that improve a variety of medical office workflows including:

  • Patient appointment reminders
  • Patient billing reminders
  • Phone payments
  • Emergency notices
  • Broadcast messages
  • Wellness messages (Ex: Flu vaccine reminders during the flu season)

These are capabilities 1-800 Notify offers its clients which streamlines operations so there are fewer no-shows, fuller schedules, and improved patient health and satisfaction. 

Harness the power of automation with 1-800 Notify today.

About 1-800 Notify

1-800 Notify is a healthcare communications firm that is fully HIPAA and PCI compliant, an Epic App Orchard Partner and integrates with many systems. 1-800 Notify improves patient appointment attendance, wellness and payments while improving efficiency for hospitals, health systems, physician groups, and medical billing firms. Founded in 2011, 1-800 Notify has rapidly grown to support more than a million monthly inbound IVR autopay by phone calls, two-way appointment reminders, patient wellness and broadcast messages. 1-800 Notify is proud of its 98% client retention rate. We focus on learning each client’s unique needs, tailoring solutions to those needs and providing a highly reliable and scalable service -- all at a price that is difficult for our competition to match. 

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