What's New and Different from the Old 1-800 Notify Portal?

While we tried to keep the look and feel of the new portal similar to the old (legacy) portal, there are some new things.

Adobe Flash is no longer required!

You won't need to allow, or permit anything in order to login. Yay!


Familiar Look and Feel

We have tried to keep the look and feel similar to the current portal so you should already know how to use pretty much everything.




How to Log Out

We've removed the Logout link to allow your account number to be visible, but you can log out by hovering over the gear icon, and clicking Logout from the drop down menu.



What Browsers Work Best?

Compatible Browsers:

Google Chrome (recommended)

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Internet Explorer



Browser with Issues:

Firefox (we are working on this)


Mobile and Tablet Compatible

You can actually log in from any tablet or mobile phone that supports a compatible browser.  While the user interface is designed to operate best from a computer screen, you can log in from any other device to check status of your jobs, or look at statistics, and many other functions.


New Password Requirements (Security Enhancements)

We have implemented several items to enhance the security of your account and your data, so this means you'll need to update your password if it does not meet our new requirements shown below.

New Password Requirements:  

Minimum 8 characters

Mix of at least 3 of these 4 groups:

Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols

No character repeated more than 3 times in a row.

This means that if your current password does not meet the above requirements, the system will ask you to change your password the first time you login.


Auto logoff - after 15 minutes of inactivity to make sure no one else can see private data. 


Security with Ease of Use - Assuming your browser supports saving of usernames/passwords, you can now use your browser to store your information for login next time.


Quick Text Chat with Our 1-800 Notify Team

In the lower right corner of every screen in the new user interface, you'll see a little text chat circle.



Then, you'll see something similar to this:


Type in your message and hit "SEND" and one of our staff will try to answer you right away.  If we're not online or busy helping other customers, it may be a little while or the next business day, but we'll do our best to get back to you shortly.








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