Login Issues - Trouble Getting Logged into the new Portal / Stuck on Adobe Flash logo

Sometimes you can have trouble getting to the new portal (that does not require Adobe Flash) if you:
- Have a bookmark link to the old login page.
- Have a cached (saved) version of our home page

You know you are not in the correct login web page if you see an image like one of the ones below:

Here's how to resolve that issue:

1. Go to our home page www.1800notify.com - click F5, or the refresh button, then when you click the LOGIN link, you should be taken to:
2. Click this link directly: https://secure.1800notify.com/login
Please do the process above, or click the link directly above, that will take you to the new login that is not Adobe Flash.
The login page should look like this image below - especially note that the URL starts with secure.1800notify not just 1800notify.
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