1800 Notify Portal - Release Notes 01-22-2021

The following features have just been released in the new 1-800 Notify secure portal.

1. New IVR Tab

If you are a client who uses the IVR Autopay by Phone service from 1-800 Notify, you'll like the new IVR Tab!



2. New Feature: Column Filter (Order and remove/add columns)


Using the Column Filter button (which you see in the upper right above every grid displayed) allows you to remove or add columns displayed, re-order the columns, and even "REVERT TO DEFAULT" if you want to get back to the original or default settings.

Related article:  https://1800notify.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360053722791 

3. New Feature: Column Width Changes - Now saved for you next time you login.

Drag the gray slider bar to expand or contract a column width.  

Next time you login, your adjusted column width settings are automatically displayed.



4. New Feature: Customization of Number of Rows to display

Whenever you are looking at a display grid of items - whether it's Jobs, Notifications, IVR Call Logs or more - you can now determine how many rows you want to pull from the system to display on a single page.



5. Bug Fix: Uploading Multiple Files to a single reminder message now works.

Before today, if you tried to upload multiple files to a single reminder message.  Example, you have 5 locations worth of patients who all need the same COVID message, or you have 5 client files you want to send out the same Billing Reminder message, you can now safely drag and drop or select all 5 files and upload them together.  (This used to only work intermittently - causing some of the jobs to have zero contacts and not send the reminders - it now works every time).




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