How to Add a New User to your Account

As long as you have administrative rights, you can add a new user to your account.


TIP: If you want to restrict which users can be allowed to perform certain functions, you will need to set up ACCESS GROUPS (such as "Admin" and "Users").  Check out our related article on setting these up.

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This requires 2 steps:

  • Step 1: Setup the New User in the System.
  • Step 2: Email the User their account information and basic training materials.


STEP 1: Setup the New User in the System

1. Click on the ADMIN tab.  (This assumes you have ADMIN rights)

2. Click on the USERS sub-tab.

3. To add a new user, click the NEW button.

TIP: If you have another user already in the system with very similar settings, you can "DUPLICATE" that user and start with many of the fields filled in.



4.  Enter all the information required to add the user:

Access Group (if you have created any-- see:

First Name

Last Name

Login name (Recommend: Use the person's work email address for the username).

Password (assign a strong password by entering it twice 

Create a STRONG PASSWORD using a website password generator.  We like this one but you can use any one: 


Password Requirements:

Minimum 8 characters

Mix of at least 3 of these 4 groups: Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols

No character repeated more than 3 times in a row.

Email address - this is critical so they can receive the temp 8 digit password from the system.

Receive email notifications - leave this UNCHECKED unless you want this person to receive every email generated by your entire account.



NOTE: The Mobile Phone listed on this page would be important if you wanted this person to use Two Factor Authentication  (2FA) and be able to receive a code via SMS.  It's not required if you don't enable 2FA, or you enable it using an Authenticator App (recommended method).

Learn more about 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) in this related article:



ADDRESS tab - Add additional information here.  

Most important is the Phone # so that 1800 Notify support can have a correct phone number to reach this user.


Step 2: DO NOT email the User their actual password, but have the system send them a random 8 digit number as a TEMP PASSWORD from the system.

Once you have created the new user, click on  the user name in the list and click the Send Password button.



Step 3: Email account information and basic training materials.


Email the user of how to access the portal and that they will receive a separate email from with their temp 8 digit password. 

They'll be prompted to change their password when they login using the temp password.


Sample email template:



We have just set you up with a user account for the secure portal at

This portal allows you to:

- View IVR Autopay by Phone call log data and reports (if your organization uses this feature)

- Upload, schedule and view appointments and view results (if your organization uses this feature)

- Generate reports



1. Go to

2. Click the LOGIN button in the upper right corner.

3. Enter your username: (your work email address)

4. Your password will be emailed to you from the system, the email will come from

5. When you login, you will be prompted to set a new password.


Check out the 1-800 Notify knowledgebase for articles showing how to do various things:


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