Automated Appointment Reminders with NextGen and 1-800 Notify (Excel XLS)


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This article describes how you can easily make automated appointment reminder calls from NextGen using 1-800 Notify.

NOTE: If these steps don't seem to work for your version of NextGen, please check out our other articles related to NextGen: 

1.) Login to NextGen.

2.) From the menu, select

Reports > Scheduled Case Reports >

M) Phone Call List.


3.) Click the check box next to your own department name or names of departments you want to include in the 1-800 Notify patient appointment reminder calls (In this screen shot it is REHAB) 


4.) Select the DATE RANGE for the report.  Make sure to select just a single day so you only call people with a single day’s worth of appointments.

Then, click the Query button to see the report on the screen.


5.) Click the Excel button at the bottom of the screen to export the report to Excel.


6.) Then you will be prompted to select fields.  Leave all fields checked and click Continue.


7.) In the Save As window, leave the PATH shown below alone – this will be OK. But you should click just before the .XLS at the end of the file name and add a date for the schedule you are exporting using dashes (e.g. 11-28-12.xls) TIP: DON’T USE “/” as the file name will not save.



You're done with the export, now login to your secure account on 1-800 Notify to upload and schedule your calls using this file you just exported.  Here are the steps to get that done: 

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