Emailed IVR Reports (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) - How to Change Email Addresses

NOTE: If you don't yet have the report tasks set up, please check out this related article:


You need Admin rights to be able to adjust these settings.  If you don't have Admin rights, please contact your 1800 Notify support team at and ask for help.

SAMPLE REPORT:  (compares the most recent period - day/week/month to the previous period)



1. Click the ADMIN tab.

2. Click TASKS sub-tab.

3. Double-click on the specific report you wish to edit or click it once, then click MODIFY.



4. In the Email box is where you adjust which email addresses receive the specific report.

Each email needs to be separated by a comma in the list.

You can simply edit them inside the system, but it's a little hard to see all the emails in the current field size (we are working on getting that field 



It's currently a little hard to see all the emails in the field, so one trick to see them all is:

a. Click in the field to put the cursor in it.

b. Select them all using a "Ctrl+A"


c. Copy them all ("Ctrl+C")

d. Open up Notepad on your computer.

e. Paste them into notepad using "Ctrl + V"



f.  Then edit them on the notepad.

g.  Highlight them all and reverse the process - Ctrl+A in Notepad, Ctrl+C (copy) and then click inside the field in our system, be sure to select all again (Ctrl A), then paste (Ctrl + V).

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