Pharmacy Qlick-to-Pay App Documentation (For use with Epic Willow Ambulatory System by 1800 Notify, Epic App Market Contributor)

The Epic Systems App Market provides a detailed implementation guide, please request that documentation directly from Epic Systems.  This documentation is meant to be an overview of the implementation and not contain all the details of implementation. 

This documentation provides an overview for your organization to understand the installation and maintenance process of the Pharmacy Click-to-Pay App.  This system communicates in real-time with your Epic Willow Ambulatory Environment using Epic Web Services.  We support both client-hosted and Epic Systems-hosted environments. 


1-800 Notify is an App Orchard contributor.  Learn more at: (link to be supplied later)

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App Market Account: Your organization must have an active Epic App Market Account to download and implement the Web Services required for the IVR System.

Epic Willow Ambulatory: You must have installed the Epic Willow Ambulatory pharmacy system.

Compatible Payment Processor: Your organization must have an active account with one of the compatible payment processors that work with 1-800 Notify.  Currently we support many payment processors including but not limited to: Bluefin, InstaMed, Sphere (TrustCommerce), TSYS, USA ePay and others.  If you work with someone else, please let us know and we can talk with you.


1.0  Epic Systems Set Up

For this section, please refer to the App Market Implementation Guide.



2.0  Payment Processor Setup

2.1  Pharmacy Click-to-Pay  Specific Outlet

You may want to setup a new outlet (or merchant account) for the exclusive use of the Pharmacy Click-to-Pay App.  This will allow you to separate all your Click-to-Pay payments from other payment channels, such as from your Staff in-person at point of sale, MyChart or other channels.

2.2  Credentials To Access your Payment Processor's API

You will need to supply credentials to your 1-800 Notify Techncial Team in order for the IVR to access your payment processor's API to collect payments on your organization's behalf.  We support credit, debit and bank account (ACH) type payments.  

3.0  Pharmacy Staff Training

3.1  Pre-Launch Training

You will want to be sure your Pharmacy Staff are fully aware of how to utilize the Click-to-Pay system.  Specifically, how prescriptions will be looked up on the 1800 Notify portal (using the patient MRN).  How to scan a barcode of the patient MRN or copy/paste it into the correct field.  How to validate the correct patient was pulled.  How to confirm the list of prescriptions to be paid on this click-to-pay transaction and verify patient (guarantor) contact information to receive a text or email.  And how to instruct the patients about what information they need to use to authenticate themselves after clicking the link (usually the date of birth of the patient). 

3.2  Post-Launch Training

The key training for post-launch of your Pharmacy Click-to-Pay will be for your Staff  members and Management to gather patient feedback on the Click-to-Pay system, especially from patients who are having difficulty with the system. 

If a patient says "the Click-to-Pay didn't work," then it's very important for your staff to be able to ask detailed questions to pinpoint the issue and help determine if adjustments / fine-tuning of the App or language used on the App is needed.

-  If you got stuck, where was it?  (Receiving the text/email, clicking the link, authenticating yourself with the patient date of birth, the list of prescriptions to be paid or the amount to pay, credit card entry, etc.)

- What were you doing right before you had trouble?

- Are there any details you can tell me about what did not work for you?

- Did you see your list of prescriptions and balance due correctly?

- When you entered your credit card or bank account, did you have errors?



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