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Automated Appointment Reminder Calls from Rain Tree Therapy Rehab Plus with 1-800 Notify

This article describes how you can easily make appointment reminder calls from Rain Tree Therapy Rehab Plus using 1-800 Notify.

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Check out this article.


You control which patients receive a call vs. a text message:

  • If a patient wants a call, then put their number in the HOME phone field.
  • If a patient wants a text, then you must put their number in the CELL phone field.
  • So, if a patient has a mobile (cell) phone and only wants a call, not a text, then put their phone number into the HOME phone field only.


Regular Appts - Call 1 working day ahead:

  • Monday > Call Tue patients
  • Tue > Call Wed patients
  • Wed > Call Thu patients
  • Thu > Call Fri patients
  • Fri > Call Mon patients (can sched. calls Sun afternoon, if desired)

1.) In the RainTree RehabPlus (Rain Tree) system, open up your clinic’s Schedule.

2.) Near the bottom left of your screen, you will see a PRINTER *icon with a pull-down triangle next to it.  Click on that triangle and select *Filtered Print.


3.) In the next window, select the Date for the calls you would like to make – usually, this is the next business day.  Clear out the PROVIDER field (so the report contains all providers) and make sure your Location code is shown.  Leave everything else along and click the PRINT button at the bottom.

Important: Make sure all the boxes at the bottom in the Columns section are checked as shown.


4.) Then, to see the report, click CTRL + P on your keyboard.  This will bring up the report preview window.  From the menu at the top, select File > Export Current Document to CSV.


5.) Then you will need to specify a location and file name for the exported file. Please use the date of the schedule you are exporting, for example if you are exporting Feb. 1, 2013, use 02-01-13 to name the file. You may store the file in any folder, just remember where you put it (e.g. My Documents or your Desktop or another folder) so you can get it later to upload to 1-800 Notify’s secure web site to start the calling.



You're done with the export!  Now, upload the file and schedule your calls using these steps:

Martin Trautschold

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