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Listen to Phone Messages

How to Listen to Your Phone Messages

You can easily listen to the messages delivered to your patients in the system.  (NOTE: You will need speakers or headphones connected to your computer to hear the message play.)

TIP: To view Text Messages, check out this related article:

  1. Log into your account on our web site

  2. Click on the Home tab (if you're not already there).

  3. Click a Job in the top half of the window to select (highlight) it.

  4. You can type a few letters of the patient's last name or first name to find them in the list below. Eg. For "John Smith" you could search for "John" or "Smith" and click the magnifying glass.


  1. In the PLAYER window, you can do several things:


a. Select a particular message to hear.

MAIN = English message when a live person answers the phone (Ending will give the person options to respond to the message, e.g. says Press 1, press 2, press 3)

ANSWERING MACHINE = English message when an answering machine is detected answering the call, usually detected by the 'beep'  (The ending does not say Press 1/2/3, but instead says please call the office at  [phone number])

LANGUAGE 1 AM = (optional) Spanish message when an answering machine is detected answering.

LANGUAGE 1 = (optional) Spanish message after a live person picks up the phone and "presses 9 for Spanish".

b. Click the PLAY button play-button.png  to listen to the selected message.

c. Click the DOWNLOAD button to save a copy of the selected message (in MP3 format).

After you click Download file, you will be asked to select a file name and optionally change the folder/location where you want to save the downloaded file.

Martin Trautschold

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