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Automated Patient Appointment Reminder Calls from Greenway Intergy (formerly Vitera Intergy) with 1-800 Notify

You can send reminder calls (or text messages) to your patients from Greenway Intergy (formerly Vitera Intergy).  These steps describe how to run a report to export your Intergy Appointment Schedule to a text file (.txt file) in order to call (or text) your patients to remind them of their upcoming appointments.

If you have a different version of Intergy, please check out this related article: 

NOTE: These instructions were developed for Intergy Version 8.  If you have a different version, the process may be slightly different and we support other export processes. Please contact us at for help.

  1. Login to Intergy.

2. Select Reports from the menu at the top of the page.

3. Find the report by typing "phone tree" in the Name contains search window.

4. If two reports show up with the same name, click on the bottom one, which is Version 2 (but does not show it).

5. Next, click the Run button.

6. Select the Report Dates you need for your reminder calls.  This could be the next business day or you 2 business days ahead depending on your organization’s process.  You usually will select the same From and To dates.  

7. On that same screen in the Include area, check to make sure you have correctly selected Locations, Providers, Rooms and Equipment for your needs.

8. Now, click Run to start generating the report.  You may experience a little delay as the report is generated.

  1.  What happens next, depends how your system is configured.

a. Intergy will attempt to store the report file on the server in a pre-configured directory. If the report is stored on the server, you will need to locate it in order to select it to upload to 1-800 Notify’s web site for your calling.

b. If Intergy cannot store the report file in the default server folder, you will see an error window similar to this:


You will then be asked to select a new destination. We recommend putting the file on your own computer (either Desktop, or a folder you create to store and organize these export files like "1800Notify")



Next steps, log into your account at and upload this file and schedule when you want the calls to start.

Please check out our knowledge base at 

 for detailed instructions about how to upload and schedule your calling job.



Martin Trautschold

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