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Using psched (psched.exe) to Upload Jobs to 1-800 Notify

STEP 1: Download and Unzip psched.exe

If you haven't already done so, obtain the latest copy of the psched.exe and install it using this related article:


STEP 2: Open up a DOS window to use psched.exe 

From your Windows computer, bring up the Start Menu and type cmd.exe to bring up a DOS command line window. 

Navigate to the directory which contains psched.exe and all related files.

Place your data export file into this same directory.

Then you are ready to use Psched with the following parameters:

  • user: user name in the 1800 Notify secure portal ( 
  • password: password for user name
  • reminder message name: reminder message name to use in your 1-800 Notify account
  • data filename: name of the schedule to upload (must be stored in same directory as psched.exe unless you provide the full path to the file)
  • Email address - email address to which you want to send the job completed email (if omitted, it will send to the email address of the user uploading the file)


Then, when uploaded, you should verify that the scheduled start time of your job matches the scheduled local time

user: m...3 (hidden)

password: m...3 (hidden)

reminder message name: NextGen (it is case sensitive)

data filename: autotest-nextgen.txt

email address - (omitted) email address to send the job completed results to.



Copy/paste this into a file to run on a windows computer with .bat extension:

echo off
echo .
echo This file will upload to files to send out using 1800 Notify
echo .
SET uploadmessage=(outbound-message-name)
SET uploadfile=(filename-if-in-this-folder-or-fully-qualified-filename-including-path)
CHOICE /C:12 /T:5 /D:1 /M "Press 2 to skip uploading: %uploadmessage% (1 or wait to run it)"%1
echo .
echo -------------
echo Starting: %uploadmessage% with %uploadfile% 
echo -------------
echo .
psched.exe (1800notify-username-here) (1800notity-password-here) %uploadmessage% %uploadfile%
echo .
echo -------------
echo Completed: %uploadmessage% with %uploadfile% 
echo -------------
echo .


Martin Trautschold

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