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Automated Patient Appointment Reminder Calls with MediSYS and 1-800 Notify

MediSYS Appointment Reminder Calls

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This article will show you how to send customized professional reminder calls to all your MediSYS scheduled patients.  If you want to send affordable appointment reminder calls from MediSYS, you can use the service from 1-800 Notify by simply exporting your daily schedule to a file and uploading it to your HIPAA secure account at  It's very easy to setup and use.  Once you get going, it just takes about 3 minutes a day to call all your patients!

1.) Login to MediSYS.

2.) From the Main Activity menu, select Scheduling, then Appointment List.


3.) From the Appointment List by Doctor window, make sure to select the following:

  • Doctor from 1 to 999 (to include all doctors in your practice)
  • Appointment Date From: (the date you want the reminders for)  Thru:** (Same date)**
  • Appointment Type: ALL
  • Appointment: Booked Appointments Only
  • Appointment Time: AM and PM appointments
  • Print Regular Appointments?   Y
  • Surgical Appointments?   Y if you want to remind surgical patients or N if you do not.  
  • Test Appointments?  Y if you want to remind lab work patients. Or N if you do not.
  • Facility?    ALL
  • Sort By:  Sort By Appointment Time
  • Format:   Standard Report Format
  • Check the box next to   Create Calling List File
  • (Un-check) the box next to   Select only patients with no email address
  • At the bottom, click the button: Create House Calls List

4.) Now, you will be prompted to select a file location (folder) and set the filename.  

We suggest you create a folder called 1800notify on a local disk on your computer.   The key thing about where you save this export file is that it can be "seen" when you browse from to select it and upload it.  Sometimes, you may be on a virtual server (like Citrix server) which cannot be "seen" from your regular web browser.  If you need help with this step, please contact our support team at or call us at 1-800-939-1853.

We also suggest you change the file name from 'call.txt' to the name of the date you are exporting.  For example, if you are exporting September 12, 2014 appointments, then name the file 9-12-14.txt (so you can easily identify it later when you go to upload it).




See this article which shows you how to get that done:

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