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Suggested Fields for Billing Reminder Calls (CSV)

While 1-800 Notify can accept virtually any file format (CSV, TXT, XLS, XLSX, PDF), we prefer the CSV format.  Below are a list of fields that are required and optional for our Billing Reminder Call Service.

Required fields:

patient name (first, last)

patient phone number

Optional fields:

provider name or code (the organization who is billing this patient)

patient account number

patient alternate phone number (e.g. mobile phone)

patient account balance

age of debt or age category (e.g. 0-30, 30-59 days, 60-89 days, 90+) - can be used to customize the message 

patient date of birth (will used when we need to validate patient for pay by phone)

preferred language (e.g. English, Spanish)

preferred method of contact (e.g. CALL or TEXT or EMAIL)


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