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Automated Patient Billing Reminder Calls from Greenway PrimeSuite and 1-800 Notify (Patient A/R Reduction)


This article shows how easily you can make hundreds or thousands of low-cost billing reminder calls to any of your Greenway PrimeSUITE patients using 1-800 Notify.  All you need to do is run an aging report (that has the patient phone number included), export and upload it to your account at, and all your patients will be called.

  1. Login to Greenway PrimeSUITE.

  2. From the Desktop, click Reporting > Report Selection...F7


  1. Click Custom Report in the left column.  
    Then click Charge Analysis in the A/R Management section.


  1. Scroll to the bottom and select: **Patient Aging Greater than 31 days with Pt. Details.

NOTE: If you don't have this report, then please contact your Greenway support personnel and ask them to create it.  A sample is attached to this article.


5. You can adjust any filters, as needed, then click Immediate in the left column to run the report.


  1. Now, the report will appear on the screen.  Click the Excel button near the top left to be able to export the report to Excel (.XLS) format.


Then you can select a file name for the report and a location (folder).  Make sure to remember this, as you'll need it when you select the file to upload to your secure account on

The exported report should look just like this image below with the same columns: (also attached)



Martin Trautschold

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