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Automated Patient Re-Activations (Recalls) with Carestream Dental CS SoftDent and 1-800 Notify

Re-activating patients or making sure they come in for scheduled check ups is important to their dental health and your bottom line.  This article will show you how to send customized professional patient re-activation calls or texts to all your CS SoftDent patients.  If you want to send affordable patient re-activation or appointment reminder calls from Carestream Dental CS SoftDent software, you can use the service from 1-800 Notify.  All you do is quickly run a patient Last Visit list and save it as a file.  Then upload it to your HIPAA secure account.  It's very easy to setup and use.  Once you get going, it just takes about 3 minutes a day to call or text all your patients!

TIP: Appointment Reminders are also a breeze with 1-800 Notify - See:

1. Log into CS SoftDent

2. Select Reports > Patient > Last Visit.



  1.  From Output Options, select File and click OK.



4. Select the Start and Stop date for patients who you want to re-activate in your system.  You may want to adjust other settings based on your goals for patient re-activation.  In the most basic case, you may want to contact all patients who you have not seen in the last 6, 9 or 12 months...

Then Click OK.


(Adjust as needed for you practice and needs)

MONTHLY:  Around the first of the month (e.g. Jan 1, Feb 1, Mar 1, Apr 1...), do 1 year ago's patients

       E.g. On Feb 1, 2015, select START: Feb 1, 2014... END: Feb 28, 2014

QUARTERLY:  Around the first day of the quarter (e.g. Jan 1, Apr 1, Jul 1, Sept 1), do older patients

       E.g. On Jan 1, do 5 years ago.  (START: Jan 1, 2010... END Dec 31, 2010)

               On Apr 1, do 4 years ago   (START: Jan 1, 2011... END Dec 31, 2011)

               On Jul 1, do 3 years ago   (START: Jan 1, 2012... END Dec 31, 2012)

               On Sep 1, do 2 years ago   (START: Jan 1, 2013... END Dec 31, 2013)              


  1. Type a descriptive name for the file up to 8 characters and ONLY NUMBERS. and click OK.

  2. Now, you need to locate where this file is stored.  Usually, if your CS SoftDent is on a networked computer, you will see it on your "T:" or "Z:" drive on your computer.  If you cannot find it, please contact our support team at 1-800-939-1853.


Now that you have the file exported for the patient recall calls or texts, you can login to your secure account at 1-800 Notify, upload it and schedule when the reminders should start.

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Martin Trautschold

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