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Voice Samples -- Recorded Human & Synthetic or Text to Speech (TTS) from 1-800 Notify

While we 1-800 Notify staff can professionally record messages for your appointment, lab work, wellness, and billing reminders, there may be times you want to use one of our text-to-speech (TTS) computer voices. 


Can be found on our DEMO page here:


Benefits to Text To Speech Voices

  • Quickly set up a new message
  • Quickly make changes to your message by simply typing changes on your computer
  • Support both English and Spanish quickly.

1-800 Notify Synthetic Speech Voices

  Ava - English (US) Female

  Tom - English (US) Male

  Juan - Spanish (Central America) Male

  Paulina - Spanish (Central America) Female 


Benefits to Recorded Human Voices

  • Improve patient answer and listen rates
  • More inflection possible than with synthetic voices
  • Enhance Your Professional Image


1-800 Notify Recorded Human Voices

  English (US) Male

  Spanish (Central American) Male


Martin Trautschold

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