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How to Edit a Synthetic Speech Message (TTS or Text-to-Speech) with 1-800 Notify

This article assumes that a Synthetic speech message or item has already been created in your account and you want to adjust it.  

TIP: Learn how to create a new Synthetic speech item in this article:

  1. Log into your account at

  2. Click the Library tab, then click the Speech sub-tab and double-click the speech item you wish to edit from the list.  Or, you may click it once to select it and then click the Modify button.



  1. Don't change the name of the Synthetic Speech item, but you can adjust everything else, then click Save.

NOTE: If you change the name, you'll have to go into your Reminder message and delete the old Synthetic speech item and re-add the newly changed name.


Martin Trautschold

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