ReDoc (Re Doc) Appointment Reminders with 1-800 Notify

This article describes how you can easily make appointment reminder calls or text messages from ReDoc Rehab Documentation Software using 1-800 Notify.

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1. Log into ReDoc.

2. Enter the ReDoc Scheduler.  Then click the Reports menu item at the top.


3. Click the Reminder List report in the left column.

Therapist Work Group: <All Therapist>

Facility:                   [Select All] (from pull-down)

Select Therapist(s):   [Select All] (from pull-down)

Date Range:    (select the date of the appointments you wish to export)

Then click Show Report.


4. From the Disk icon at the top of the report, select Excel as the export method.


5. Now, you need to select a location (folder) to save the exported file and name it. 

You may want to click on the COMPUTER in the left column, then pick a location (e.g. H:) that you can find later.

TIP: Sometimes this works to find a good place to store the file:


   C    (or Local Disk C or OS C:)


           (your username)


We recommend changing the name of the file to the date of the appointments - e.g. 08132015 (for Aug 13, 2015 appointments).


--------------------- YOU'RE DONE WITH THE EXPORT --------------------------

Now, login to your account and upload this file securely to start the reminders to your patients.  



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