Do Not Call / Do Not Text / Do Not Email - Your Staff Controls (Opt-In or Opt-Out with Contacts Tab)

This article shows you how to control which patients receive calls, text message and email reminders. NOTE: If you have asked us to set up your reminders with phone call as the alternative to texting, when a patient is opted out from texting, they instead will automatically receive a phone call.

TIP: Your patients can control OPT-OUT and OPT-IN directly from their mobile phones using "STOP" and "RESUME" and the patient control will override the opt-in changes you make here - learn how in this article.

Log into your account at


1. Click on the CONTACTS tab.

2. Search by last name, or phone number (if you are searching by phone number the formatting matters, so "386-111-5555" will not match "3861115555")


3. If you find the patient, then double-click on their name or click on their name, then click the Modify button to edit their contact info.

4. If the patient is not already in the contacts list, then click the New button to add them.

5. If you are adding a new contact, type their name and mobile phone number. 

6. To opt-out a person from receiving texts messages,  type their mobile phone into the correct mobile phone field and slide the Do Not Text slider ON.  


To opt-in a person to start receiving text messages, then slide the Do Not Text slider off.

To opt-out of email, type their email address and slide the Do Not Email slider on.

7. Click Save.

You will see your settings in the contact list:



IMPORTANT NOTE: If a patient opted-out themselves by sending "STOP" from their mobile phone -- then the only way to opt them back in to texting is for that patient to send the word "RESUME" to 85760.  Learn more about patient controlling opt-out or opt-in here.

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