How can I find things? (Search)

On many screens, you can search almost every field (column) you see by typing a few letters or numbers into the Search field and hitting the Magnifying Icon.



Finding Notifications (People, Phone Numbers, and More)

If you want to find a specific person, phone number or other detail, use the Search box in the Job area.


Search All Jobs

By default, this is the setting and allows you to search every job in your system.


Search Results for Search All Jobs

When you Search All Jobs, you will notice that the first 2 columns show you the Message name and the actual Start Time of when that message was sent out.  This will allow you to know the message that was sent to this caller as well as the date and time it was sent.



Listen to the Call, view the Text or Email that was sent to this particular person by clicking the icon in the "Action" column.  Learn more here: xxx


Search This Job

Slide the slider to the left to force the search to be limited to only the Job selected at the top of the page.



Why might you want to do this?

A person said they received a call, text or email by mistake.  You want to find when it was sent.





Searching for phone numbers - leave out the ( ) and - dashes.  So don't search for 386-555-1111, or (386) 555-1111, instead search for 3865551111.

Search for only a partial match.

  • Instead of searching for "John Smith" - search for just "Smith"
  • Instead of searching for "3865551123" - search for just "1123"






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