Upload and Schedule to Send Out Reminders (Call, Text or Email)

Before you can send Reminder Messages:

In order for the 1-800 Notify system to successfully send out reminder messages (call, text or email) in your account, you'll need the following two things set up:

1. REMINDER MESSAGE: A reminder message (or messages) created in the Library tab.  The reminder message will include rules in it that determine whether you send a Call, Text or Email for each person and also what is contained in each of these messages.

2. COMPATIBLE DATA FILE: A data file exported from your system that is compatible with a "Plug-in" that we support.  If you have a new file format, or your file format changes, please contact us at support@1800notify.com or 1-800-939-8153 and we can usually create a new Plug-In to read your file in less than a week.


New or Upload Schedule Button

mceclip0.png  mceclip1.png

Clicking either the New or Upload Schedule button on the Home tab will allow you to start the process to upload a data file and schedule to send out reminders.


1.  (required) In the Upload Files window, click to Select a Message in the upper left corner.  If you only have 1 message in your account, it should be automatically selected for you.


If you have many messages, then typing the first letter of the message name will jump to that letter in the message list.


If you cannot find the file you just exported on your Windows computer, then check out this related article:  https://1800notify.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360056925271 


2.  (optional) Adjust the Job Start time, if you would like to delay sending out the message.

You can select any date or time in the future.  By default the system will set the next allowable 15 minute time slot.  If you are uploading early in the morning, then the next default will be 9:00 AM today.  If you are uploading very late (after 8 PM), then the next available time will be 9:00 AM tomorrow.

(optional) Clicking the DEFAULT button will allow you to set a default job start time for every job you upload - for example if you wanted to send your daily reminders at 10:00 AM daily, then you'd set the 10:00 AM and click DEFAULT.



3.  (optional) Adjust the person who receives the Job Completed confirmation email report.  By default this is set to your own username and your email.

4.  (required) You can drag and drop a compatible file to upload into the gray window at the bottom or click anywhere in that window. 

You can see the compatible files by the icons shown in the window.  In this example, we are expecting a .CSV or .TXT file extension.


my_schedule.csv or my_schedule.txt would be expected files,

but not my_schedule.pdf or my_schedule.xlsx


mceclip7.pngDRAG AND DROP

You can drag and drop your file from another window into the upload files window.







If you upload a file with the wrong (unexpected) extension, then the system will give you a warning message.


At this point, double check the file name and file extension, if it's correct, then click CONFIRM.

If not, click CANCEL.

Then you can remove the file by clicking the "Remove file" link under the icon of the file you just tried to upload. 



Upload Confirmation Screen

If the file you uploaded was the correct file extension and the plug-in that is assigned to your Reminder Message was able to read the file correctly, then you'll see the Upload Confirmation screen.


On this screen it's very good to verify the following:

Total Contacts (upper left corner) - this should match what you expected.

File name (upper left corner) - make sure it's the file you expected.

And, if you are uploading an appointment schedule file, also verify:


Appt Time

Appt Date


Listen to a Call by clicking the Phone Icon next to a person's name to hear the phone call.

View a Text Message by clicking the text icon and viewing the message in the pop up window.

View an Email Message by clicking the email icon and viewing the email message about to be sent.



If everything looks good, then click "CONFIRM"


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