How to Generate a Sample Text Message and Send It

This article shows you how to generate a sample text message from a text template and send a sample to yourself or others.



TIP: See our related article on how to view and edit text message templates:


1. Login to your secure portal at, click the LOGIN button.

2. Click on the LIBRARY tab.

3. Click on the TEXT MESSAGE sub-tab.

4. Locate the text message template you'd like to use and click on it to highlight it blue.

5. Click the GENERATE MESSAGE button. mceclip5.png



6. You will be prompted to "fill in the blanks" for the data fields such as name, date, and appointment  time.


Go ahead and type in sample data.  Here are some samples of the way our system handles various tags:

Appt Day Short = Mon, Tue, Wed... (3 letter day abbreviation)

Appt Date mmmdd = Feb 03, Jun 15 (3 letter month abbreviation and 2 digit day of month)

Appt Time = 10:30 AM, 3:30 PM

Appt DDT SMS Spanish = mie el 10 de feb a las 11:30 AM (day, day of month, and time)

TIP: Bulk Edit Mode

If you are generating a number of messages, it can get tiring re-typing all the sample data, so instead click the "Bulk Edit Mode" button so you can see the data all in one big box.  You can then select all the fields (samples) together and paste them elsewhere (such as Notepad) so you can use them again and again by copying and pasting the same text into another Bulk Edit window.




If you'd like to  send this text to yourself, then type your phone number in the Mobile window and "SEND TEXT NOW"


Use the "COPY TO CLIPBOARD" button to copy the sample text to the clip board and paste it into another document such as an email or word processing document.


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