Working with IVR Call Logs

You can view the calls to your IVR in near real time in the IVR CALL LOGS section of the secure portal.

1. Login to your secure portal at

2. Click on the IVR tab.

3. Click on the CALL LOGS sub-tab.



Viewing Call Log / Audit Trail Details

Click on any call log entry in the list to view the detailed audit trail of the actions performed by the caller on the call.mceclip2.png


Searching for a Call

Use the search window to find a particular call by typing in an account number, phone number, name or provider code.



Filter for a Specific Provider (Client)

If you are an organization with many different provider (client or department codes), you can use the Provider filter to show only callers to the IVR that have authenticated themselves to belong to that provider or client.



Downloading Call Logs

You can download all call logs that you select for a specific Time Period into a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) format file that can be opened and viewed or analyzed in Microsoft Excel.




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