IVR Benchmark Data

Below is benchmark data for IVR Autopay by Phone systems.  We will update this on a monthly basis so you can see how your IVR metrics compare to all IVRs.  This data includes all IVRs - including those powered by Epic Systems, Centricity, NextGen, Imagine, Cerner Soarian Financials, custom financial systems and many more.

We have put the benchmark data in the same format (column layout) as the reports you can pull from the IVR tab (REPORTS sub-tab) inside the 1-800 Notify Secure Portal at: www.1800notify.com 



Column Definitions:

Authentication Rate = Percent of all callers who authenticate successfully and verify their identity (usually with an account number and date of birth or other demographic fact)

Overall Payment Rate = Percent of all callers who make payments

Authenticated Payment Rate = Percent of the authenticated callers who make payments

Minutes Per Call = Average minutes per call during this month

Transfer Rate = Percent of all callers who transfer back to speak with a representative from the IVR




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