Protecting Essential Workers: How Automation Workflow Increases Efficiency

Automation Increases Healthcare Efficiency (1800 Notify)


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grip the United States and essential workers battle the virus day in and day out with little to no days off, automation can help ease the strain of their workload.


Through the use of automated software, healthcare workers can shift their attention from important yet time-consuming tasks such as phone payments, patient balances, billing and appointment reminders, to instead focus on the in-person patient care experience without the stress of having to be tied to a phone.  


Whether it’s front office staff, nurses, doctors, and aides every role plays an integral role in patient care and recovery, and when their attention can be fully focused on the patient in front of them while automation takes care of the other patients over the phone, the medical practice in its entirety becomes more effective and efficient.


1-800 Notify, a HIPAA-compliant automated reminder system realized this and created a product that requires no additional software to easily upload or automatically share schedules to send patient reminders and important information through text messages, calls, or emails.


The seamless automated experience empowers medical practices to capitalize on efficiencies and focus their attention on other integral business tasks while adhering to new COVID-19 safety guidelines.


Not to mention, 1-800 Notify’s nimble system reduces and virtually eliminates errors that are bound to occur if handled by a human. Employees have additional flexibility to use the time they would have spent manually making patient phone calls on other important front office tasks.


Improve the patient experience, reduce the number of no shows, streamline billing, and watch your practice grow with 1-800 Notify.  


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