5 Ways To Improve Workflow Through Automation

Improve Workflow Through Automation (1800 Notify)


At the core of automation is the need to streamline important tasks and implement processes to help businesses run more efficiently. 


That’s exactly how 1-800 Notify, an automated reminder and IVR Autopay by Phone system works. Our HIPAA-compliant system requires no additional software to send patients a text message, give them a call, send an email, or accept an patient payment over the phone.


This level of automation helps streamline the time consuming yet necessary daily tasks that keep medical practices operating and profitable. 


Among the major tasks 1-800 Notify helps automate are: 


Phone Payments


Patients are able to submit their credit card or bank account information through an automated system to make a payment. Not only is it beneficial for the end-user, but it’s also useful for the front office staff who can reallocate the time they would have spent doing this task manually to handle other duties that keep the practice operating efficiently. 


Patient Balances


A medical practice’s main phone line is important and that’s why busy signals and extended hold times can create a negative experience.


A solution to keeping the main phone open for staff to handle other patient inquiries is implementing an automated system to handle the simple, but important patient questions regarding payment balances and more. 


Patient Billing Reminders


Payments for services rendered are what keep practices up and running. Automating billing reminders (sent via text or phone) gives patients the nudge they need to quickly and seamlessly pay their bill while also freeing up front office staff to focus on improving the in office patient experience. 


Patient Appointment Reminders


Appointment reminders are just as important for practices as they are for patients. Automation can reduce the instances of no shows and last minute cancellations by sending appointment reminders at timed intervals to give the patient and practice time to cancel and fill the empty appointment time on the calendar.  All helping to improve the bottom line of the practice. 


For any practice, no shows take up valuable time and money that’s why automating appointment reminders, before and after (if a patient missed their designated appointment time) will help reduce the margin of error. 


Wellness Messages


Throughout the year, medical practices have important messages to share with their thousands of patients. To articulate these messages individually would take a significant amount of time. Through the use of automation, practices will be able to deliver wellness reminders to all of their patients in less time while keeping staff free to handle other responsibilities. 


Improve the patient experience, reduce the number of no shows, streamline billing, and watch your practice grow with 1-800 Notify.  


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