How to Update Credible Web Strings in a TASK

NOTE: This article assumes you've already set up a TASK to automate pulling schedule data from Credible.  If you need to setup a TASK for the first time, check out this related article:


If your password expires on your Credible Web Strings, your existing Credible Web Strings will fail to work anymore since they are tied to your old password.  Therefore you will need to generate new web strings tied to your new password and update the TASK information inside 1800 Notify.  This article shows you how to get that done.


All you will need from the updated web strings is the Encrypted Connection String

You will need to copy/paste it into the TASKS / CREDENTIALS / Token field.

Your Credible Web Strings are tied to a specific schedule export from your system and specific messages in 1800 Notify, so you'll have to match up the task with the correct web strings. 

We try our best to name the tasks with a descriptive name so it's easy to match the web strings with the task.   If you need help getting this done, please contact us at or by calling 1-800-939-1853.


TASK NAME -- related web strings

Midway2D_Dr  --  2 DAY Doctor Web Strings

Midway2D_NonDr -- 2 DAY Non-Doctor Web Strings


View the Scheduled Tasks

1. Log into your account at

You'll need administrative rights to update the Task Scheduler.

2. Click on the ADMIN tab.

3. Click on the TASKS sub-tab.


Locate and Update Each Scheduled Task with the New Token

4.  Double-click to modify each task, or you can click to highlight and then click the MODIFY button.

For example, you wanted to update the 2 Day Doctor web strings, you'd want to locate the correct task in the system.


5. Click on the CREDENTIALS tab inside the tasks to see the Credible token.


6.  Copy and paste the entire Encrypted Connection String into the Token field


7. Save and Close your task.

8. Repeat for all the various connection strings that you just updated.


If your task got stuck because of these expired Web Strings, you'll need to restart your task using this related article: 

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