How to setup a New Automation TASK with Credible Web Strings

This article shows you how to set up a TASK to pull the Credible schedule data for appointment reminders, and it can also be used to pull a sample file immediately for testing on a new message setup.


NOTE: Whenever the Credible user who originally generated the strings changes their password, the old Web Strings will need to be re-generated (because of the password change). If you simply want to edit an existing TASK with new web strings, see this related article: 


Step 1. Request the Credible Web Strings from the client

Before you can do this, you'll need a set of Credible web strings.  Usually the client can pull and send those to you pretty quickly.   We have another article that shows how to generate Credible Web Strings:


Step 2. Setup the Reminder Message(s) in the account

Most of the time, this will already be done.  However, if you are setting up a new account, you need to have at least on reminder message set up to receive the data generated by the TASK you are setting up.


Step 3. Setup the TASK with the Web String

3.1 Login to the account at

To be safe, make sure to put the account in STOPPPED mode, so you don't accidentally send out any reminders as you are setting things up and testing.

3.2 Click Admin, TASKS, and the NEW button to see the new task dialog box.


3.3 Type in a NAME for the task that will be easy to identify in the future.

3.4 Select a Reminder MESSAGE name to receive the data from Credible.

3.5 (optional, but useful) Setup Email alerts to go to any number of people when this task fails to run in the future.


3.6  Click the CREDENTIALS tab in the TASK window.

3.7  Select SOURCE = Credible Import

3.8  Copy and paste the Encrypted Connection String from the Credible Web String document.



3.9  Click the SCHEDULER tab in the TASK window.

3.10  Set the time zone (this will be the time zone in which this task runs) - normally it should be the time zone for the clinics included with this task.

3.11  Set the days of the week to run this task.  Normally this will be every week day as shown.

3.12  Set the hour and minute to start running the task.



Step 4. (optional) Run the TASK to pull a File for Testing

4.1  If you want to pull a sample file from Credible immediately, then you will want to do the following:

4.2  Set the account into STOPPED MODE using this article: 


4.3  IMPORTANT: Set the start time for the task (temporarily) to earlier than the current time.  For example, if it's 8:30 AM, you will want to set the start time for the task at 8:00 AM or earlier (otherwise if your task start time is 10:00 AM, when you click RUN NOW, the task will not do anything because it will be waiting until the time gets to 10:00 AM).

4.4  In the ADMIN > TASKS area, click on the task you just created and want to run.

4.5  Click the RUN NOW button.


You should see this little pop up window saying Task Created.


4.6  To see the TASK status, click the TASK LIST button in the upper right side of the screen.


4.7  Click on the task that you just started running - usually it will be the top row in the task list to see the details in a pop up window.



4.8  Recommended if you are just starting to setup an account and not ready for the task to run automatically -- Set the task to "Inactive" so it doesn't run by accident.





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