How to Update your Allscripts Password (Credentials) in 1800 Notify TASKS

Every 90 days, Allscripts automatically expires the password for the user assigned to 1800 Notify for automating appointment reminders.  This article shows you how to update the TASK inside 1800 Notify so that your appointment reminders can get  back up and running with the new password.

How do you know that you need to update the password?

If you receive an email that looks like the one below and has this in the body of the email:

AllScripts scheduled import authentication failed for task: (name of the task that failed)



Step 1. Login to your account at


Step 2. Locate and edit all the TASKS that have the password that needs to be changed.

2.1  Click on Admin, TASKS, then double click on a task to edit it.



2.2  Click on the CREDENTIALS tab in the Task window.


2.3  Verify the Username is the one for which you need to change the password.

2.4 Change the password inside Allscripts.

This related article shows you how to change it inside Allscripts:


2.5 Copy/paste the new password in the password field.




Step 3. Re-start tasks that failed to run due to the invalid password (credentials)

3.1 Click the TASK LIST button to see the tasks.


3.2  From the Task list, locate and click on each tasks with the status of Error.



3.3 After you click on the task, you will see a window similar to this one. 

Click the RESTART TASK button.



3.4   After you re-start the task, you can watch the task list and see if the job was successfully completed.

You can also go back to  the HOME screen to verify that the appointment reminder jobs have run correctly.

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