How to Control and Set Client Preferred Contact Settings in Credible

If your organization uses Credible software to manage your client (patient) information, you can determine the type of reminder (Phone, Text, Phone and Text or Do Not Remind) right inside Credible.

Whatever you set in Credible will determine the clients appointment reminder communication preferences.

IMPORTANT:  Verify the Client's Updated Phone Numbers

Whenever you see the client, please make sure their home number and cell numbers are correct.  This is the only way the appointment reminder system will be effective.


1. What happens before you set any preferences in Credible

If you don't set any preferences, here's how the appointment reminder system works:

1.1 If your client has a valid mobile phone set in their "Cell phone" field, they will receive a TEXT reminder.

1.2 If your client doesn't have a phone number in the "Cell phone" field, but they have a "Home phone" number and that number is detected to be a mobile phone (by the 1800 Notify system), then they will receive a TEXT reminder.

1.3 If the client has no Cell Phone and the Home Phone is a Landline phone (not a mobile phone), then they will receive a phone call reminder.

2. How to control what type of reminder the client receives in Credible

2.1  Log into Credible.

2.2  Go into the CLIENT INFO page.


2.3  Click on the "Preferred Contact" drop down and select from the options shown:

Do Not Remind = No appointment reminder is sent to this client at all. (OPT OUT)

Phone = Send a phone call reminder (will use the home phone unless the home phone is blank, then it calls the Cell phone)

Text = Send a text message to the cell phone, unless the cell phone field is blank and the home phone is a mobile phone number, then the home phone receives the TEXT.

IMPORTANT: It the phone number in the Cell Phone field is detected to be a landline phone (not a valid mobile phone) by 1800 Notify, then even if you set the preference for TEXT, the client will receive a phone reminder, because a text message cannot be sent to a landline phone.

Phone and Text = This will send 2 reminders almost simultaneously to this client - a phone call and a text message.


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