eClinicalWorks Billing Reminders using the Patient Balance Aging Report (eCW)


This article shows you how to export the Patient Balance Aging Report from eClincialWorks in a format that is readable by 1800 Notify.  This file is perfect for sending out Billing Reminders, also known as "Notify 2 Pay" notices to remind patients to pay their outstanding balances from your account at   

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Pre-requisite: You must have the eCW eBO Reports module installed and accessible to your account in eClinicalWorks.  It's free to have installed with your subscription, but you need to submit a support ticket to eCW to get it enabled if you don't see it as shown in the screenshots below.


1. Login to your eClinicalWorks account.


2. From the Menu in the upper left corner, select Reports,  then eBO Reports.



3. Click on eCWEBO from the list.



4. Click on 3 - Financial Reports



4.  Click on 31 - Aging


5. Click on 31.08 - Patient Balance Aging Report - Detail


 6. Change the "Use Date Range" to "No" and leave everything else unchanged (set as the defaults)



7. Click OK in the lower left corner to generate your report.



8. Click the HTML icon in the upper right corner,  then select "View in Excel Options"


or View in CSV Format - still working on this xxx need to finalize which is better...2022-04-29_11-11-52.jpg

Then select View in Excel 2007 Format.



10. Download and/or save that file on your computer in a folder (file location) you can remember when you upload it to 1800 Notify.



If your account and messages are already setup with 1800 Notify, then, upload and schedule sending out Notify 2 Pay - Billing Reminders with this article: 


If your account is not yet setup with 1800 Notify and you are sending this as a sample file...

How to upload this file as a sample file so 1800 Notify can review this file using this article:





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