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Automated Patient Appointment Reminder Calls with GE Centricity and 1-800 Notify


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This process shows you how to make both appointment reminder calls and 2-week ahead lab work reminder calls from GE Centricity with 1-800 Notify.

NOTE: We have a slightly different way to export from GE Centricity in this related article

You will be exporting both LAB reminders (schedule 2 weeks ahead) and REGULAR appointment reminders (this example shows 3 working days ahead, but you can easily change this to meet your needs).

TIP: Please see the attached .PDF file (below) to view this procedure with all screen shots. 

  1. In the Centricity system, click the Reports icon 

2. To start creating your report, in the left column:

a. Expand the Reports folder.

b. Expand the Schedule folder and click on the Appointments report.


  1. In the right column, enter the From Date and *To Date **in the format *mm/dd/yyyy

IMPORTANT: Uncheck the box next to "Include Referring source/physician"

**Leave all other fields blank or alone.

4. Click the Preview Report icon ge-centricity-preview-prt.png  near the top of the page next to the printer icon.

TIP: For the Lab Work reminders, select a date 2 weeks from today. **_For the Regular Appointment reminders, select a date 2 business days from today. (e.g. If today is Wed select Fri, on Thu select Mon, on Fri select Tue, etc.)

_When the report pops up, click the **Export Report icon ge-centricity-export-icon.png  (top left of window)

5. In the drop down field on the next screen, choose **Separated Values (CSV).


6. For the Destination, leave as Disk file and click OK.

7. Leave the next screen alone and click OK.

8. Now, you will select where to save the exported report and name it. 

Click the Computer icon on the left side of the window.

Scroll down and click on C on (your computer), shown as C on EMS-BACKDESK here.


Name the file according to whether you are doing Lab reminders (2 wks) or Appt. Reminders (3 days), so you will know what file to upload to the 1800 Notify system:|

lab-02-15-13 = LAB REMINDER                       appt-02-01-13 = APPOINTMENT REMINDER

You're done with the export.  Now, log into your account at and upload the files to each of the Lab-Work and Appt messages and schedule when you want the calls to start as shown in these instructions:

Martin Trautschold

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