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How to Securely Upload Sample Export Files to Your Account

This article explains how to upload sample export files to your account on our server.

First, generate the report from your system. 

IMPORTANT: Be careful not to open and change the report in any way after it is exported from your system, otherwise this change will have to be made every single time you export and send the file to 1800 Notify (causing a source of error every single time you export/upload).  

1. Login to your account at  
If you need an account set up, please email us at or call us at 1-800-939-1853.

2. Click on the FILES tab at the top of the screen. 

Click on the Upload Files button.

3. Click anywhere in the gray box to Browse Files or drag and drop as many files as you'd like to upload into the gray box.

Optionally, select the Category from the drop down.

Optionally, type in a Description in the box.

4. Click the UPLOAD button.

5. Send an email to the person who you have been working with at 1800 Notify to let them know you've uploaded your sample file.  If you haven't been working with anyone in particular, please notify our support team at


Martin Trautschold

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