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Database Fields Description

Database Fields

Fields currently available in the 1-800 Notify database are described in this article.

NOTE: We do add new fields to the database from time-to-time based on customer requests as well as feature enhancements.  If you find that the existing fields will not meet all your needs, please contact us and let us know.  We'll work with you.


              'id', - unique identifier for this record

             'id_job', - unique identifier to link this record to its job

             'name', - patient name (first last) as it would be read in a message (required)

             'phone', - 10 digit phone number (primary one used for calls) (required)

             'appt_time', - appointment time in this format: 10:30AM (required for appt. reminder)

             'appt_date', - appointment date in this format: 1/30/2015 (required for appt. reminder)

             'appt_tov', - appointment type

             'appt_status', - appointment status 

             'appt_labs', - appointment notes 

             'balance', - balance owed (used for patient billing reminder calls)

             'provider', - name of provider

             'location', - name of location or location code

             'user1', - user defined

             'user2', - user defined

             'user3', - user defined

             'cdr_time', - actual time that call was initiated

             'cdr_date', - date when call was initiated

             ‘cdr_duration’, - duration in min:sec of call

             'message', - 

             'info', - outcome status of this call or text (e.g. Appointment confirmed, Person Answered, Left message, Busy No Answer, Text Message sent, etc.)

             'patient_mobile', - cell phone of patient

             'client_code', - code for client 

             'patient_code', - code for patient

             'case_code', - code for case

             'medical_code', - code for medical reason

             'facility_code', - facility code

             'facility_address', - (reserved) facility address (used for showing mobile or land line status for the phone # stored in the mobile phone field)

             'facility_phone', - (reserved) facility phone number (used for showing mobile or land line status for the phone # stored in the main phone field)

             'reminder_type', - reminder type (can be used to denote P - phone call, T - text message, S = Spanish phone) 

             'action_type' - (reserved) generated by system NPC = Phone Call, CBR = Canceled by Rules, SMS = Text Message, ERR = Error 

             'duration' - total duration of phone call including any time for transferred calls in seconds. 


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Attached is a clean Excel version if you are wanting it to create a table....  I dunno what some of the field types or sizes would be (other than the obvious) so if anyone knows, please update and repost

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