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Automated Patient Appointment Reminder Calls from Dentrix (Henry Schein) with 1-800 Notify - Daily Routine

This article shows you how you can make daily appointment reminder calls from Dentrix using 1-800 Notify.


Want to try our appointment reminders? Click here:

NOTE: This article assumes you have already created the 1-800 Notify custom report using this related article and are going to select dates and run that report to export your data.  

How to do the one-time set up in DENTRIX:


Run the 1-800 Notify Custom Report from Dentrix to Export the Appointment Data

1.)  Click the Letters menu and Misc.


2.) Select the 1-800 Notify Report you created from the list, then click the EDIT button.

NOTE: If you don't see this report, please check out this related article that shows you how to create it:



3.) From the Patient Filters tab, 

Under Use Privacy Request for "No correspondence" to skip patients, click Does not apply for this letter

Click the* >> button next to the Appointments*: field.


4.) In the Select Appointment Range window, select the Beginning and Ending dates for the date for which you want to remind patients of their appointments. 

Select Beginning and Ending dates

For example, if you wanted to remind patients about their appointments on 7/30/2014, then you would select 7/30/2014 as shown for both Beginning and Ending dates.

Select Appointment Date Range.

Select Existing Patients with appointment in date range

Select All providers

Click OK



5.) From the Misc. Letters window, select the 1-800Notify Report and click the Create/Merge button at the bottom.


6.) Now, select Create Data file ONLY and click OK.


This will create a data file with the patient appointment data.  

7.) Once the report has been run, then click the View List button to view the report. Then save the report into a folder on your computer or your Desktop so you can easily find it when you need to open it.

NOTE: If you don't open it, you will need to go find the file where Dentrix has placed it, it usually ends up in:
(YOUR SERVER/YOUR COMPUTER) / Program Files (x86) / Dentrix / DOC / EXPORT
(YOUR SERVER/YOUR COMPUTER) / Program Files / Dentrix / DOC / EXPORT
and if you are looking in this folder, the fill name will be:  1800NOTIFY (which you specified when you created the original custom report)


Next: Upload and Schedule your Reminders to Start

If you are in regular use, then please use this article that shows you how to upload and schedule your reminder calling job:


Martin Trautschold

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