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Install and Use a PDF Print Driver (Foxit Reader - Free)

For some Scheduling or Billing systems, the only way to get your schedule into a file to upload to 1-800 Notify to do your appointment reminders is to print to a PDF file and upload that file.  While you can use any PDF print driver, we have found that the Foxit free print driver has worked well.  In this article we show you the basic steps to install and use this print driver.

Step 1: Go to 

Step 2: Click the Free Download button, select your Language and download.


Step 3: Install Foxit PDF on your computer.

Depending on your computer's operating system and web browser, this step will vary.  Essentially you want to save the installer to your computer (usually in the Downloads folder) and double-click on it to open it and install the print driver on your computer.

NOTE: You will need to install the PrimoPDF print driver on each computer from which you want to print to PDF files.

Step 4: Verify the Foxit print driver is installed.  

TIP: If you are going to print from your web browser, then you may need to close all your browser windows and re-start them in order to be able to see the Foxit print driver.

If you click print and you are using a Windows application, then you should see the Foxit Reader PDF Printer in your list of available printers.


Select PrimoPDF and click Print to print to a file.

You're done!  

Now every time you want to print your schedule to a file, select Foxit Reader PDF Printer and generate the file to upload to 1-800 Notify.




Martin Trautschold

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