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Epic Appointment Reminders (Call, Text or Email) Fully Automated Method


NOTE: We do offer a manual report export/upload method that does not require Information Technology support / Epic Technical Support, learn more here:

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If you use Epic Systems software for scheduling your patients, you can use 1-800 Notify for automatically reminding your patients of their upcoming appointments, you can also receive the appointment confirmation results automatically back in EPIC.  

Once you get it setup, everything can happen automatically, without human intervention.  You can use this process if you use Epic Cadence Enterprise Scheduling or EpicCare Scheduling.


Generally, you will accomplish the following steps, however, since each EPIC Installation can be highly customized, please contact 1-800 Notify support staff to learn how to accomplish this in your unique environment.

TIP: Look for "Automated Notices" inside the internal Epic Documentation page.

  1. Configure your EXPORT FILE format - this is the file that will will be sent to 1-800 Notify to make the appointment reminder calls.  This EXPORT file will extract the key items (data fields) from your schedule such as appointment ID, appointment date and time, patient name, phone number, appointment visit type, department ID (location), clinician ID (provider), preferred language and more.

  2. Configure your IMPORT FILE format - this is the file that will be received from 1-800 Notify that contains the results of the appointment reminders (e.g. Confirmed, Person Answered, Requested Reschedule, etc.) 

  3. Configure the AUTOMATION **and SECURE COMMUNICATION** process - this is the process that will automatically create (usually daily) and securely send the EXPORT file to 1-800 Notify.  This process will also automatically process the IMPORT file (Calling results) that is received from 1-800 Notify.  Specific communication settings will have to be configured such as type of secure communication to be used (e.g. SFTP or FTP over SSH) and log in credentials for the selected communication method.



The information about the Export file format is for the default Epic format, your format may be different based on your requirements for reminders and customization that you have done with your Epic installation.

The EXPORT file will be created and automatically and securely transferred to your 1-800 Notify account by the Epic automation service built into your Epic software system.

We will work with your staff to setup this automated appointment reminder system.

Martin Trautschold

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