Power2Practice Appointment Reminders (Call, Text, and Email)

This article describes how you can easily make appointment reminder calls, text messages or email reminders from Power2Practice using 1-800 Notify.

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This is the first step you need to do in order to upload your schedule to your account on the secure 1-800 Notify web server to send reminder phone calls, text messages, or emails to your patients. 

STEP 1: Run the All Future Appointments Report and export to Excel format

1.1 Log into Power2Practice with enough security rights so you can run reports

1.2 Click on Reports from the main menu.  

If you don't see the menu, click the three bars next to your login name in the upper right corner and select Admin.

1.3 Click on All Future Appointments Report.

1.4 When the report appears, select the export icon in the upper left corner and select "As Excel" to save a copy of this report on your computer.

If you do not get a choice as to where the file will be downloaded, or what it will be named, usually it will go into your Downloads folder and will be called:



STEP 2: Login to www.1800notify.com and Securely Upload that File to your Account.

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