Greenway Appointment Reminders (Custom Report) Call or Text

This article describes how you can easily make appointment reminder calls or text messages from Greenway Health Prime Suite using a Custom Scheduling report and 1-800 Notify.

NOTE: We have another article showing how to use a Standard Appointment Patient Detail report (click here), however that report only has the patient's home number, whereas this custom report has the patients Home and Cell number.

The custom report must look exactly like this one below to work with the system.  If you have a different report, then please call us at 1-800-939-1853 to so we can adjust our system to read it.


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1. Log in to Greenway Prime Suite Practice Management.

2. Click on the Reporting menu, then click Schedule in the left edge of the screen, and then “Patient Appt Call Report (v1)”  under Reports. (Note: Your report name may be slightly different). 

3. Click on the  Appointment: Date field name under the Current Report Filters and adjust the date to be the date of the scheduled appointments for which you want to send reminder calls or texts.

If you are doing 1 day ahead, then select tomorrow and run that report.

If you are also doing 3 days ahead, then select 3 working days ahead and run the report again... and so on.

4. Then, you should see the schedule show up for the date you just selected.  

Verify you are seeing the correct date for the appointments.  

Then click Excel to export the report to an Excel (XLS) format. 


5. You will now be given the opportunity to name the appointment export file and select a folder to store it.

IMPORTANT: If you are running Greenway on a shared server, then you will have to first save the file on the Greenway server, then copy and paste it or move it to your local computer so that you can upload it securely to 1-800 Notify.

We recommend using the date to the file name that has the date in it like this:


(For 7/14/2015 – you cannot use the “/” in the file name)

And you should store it in a folder (or your Desktop) where you can easily find it when you need to upload it later.


--------------------- YOU'RE DONE WITH THE EXPORT --------------------------

Now, login to your account and upload this file securely to start the reminders to your patients.  


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