Pro Solutions Appointment Reminders (Call or Text)


This article will show you how to send customized professional reminder calls or text messages to all your Pro Solutions Spa, Salon and Resort clients.  If you want to send affordable appointment reminder calls and texts from Pro Solutions, you can use the service from 1-800 Notify by simply exporting your Appointment List schedule and uploading it to your secure account.  It's very easy to setup and use. Once you get going, it just takes about 3 minutes a day to call or text all your patients!

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STEP 1: Save your Appointment List Schedule to an Excel Workbook (XLSX file)

1. Click Reports from the main icon menu.

2. Under Appointments, click the Appointment List report.


3. Select All Operators or a specific one, click Accept.


4. Select the From and To dates for the Appointment listing, click Accept.


5. On the report preview screen verify you have the correct date and all the correct clients are listed.

6. Then click the Export to Excel button.


7.  What happens next, depends on your own computer settings.  

Your file may be saved into your downloads folder, or another folder by the Pro Solutions software.

Or, your file may be opened in Excel.  If it opens in Excel, then select File > Save As > Excel Workbook (you want to save this file in an XLSX format).


Congratulations!  You're done with the export!


STEP 2: Upload your file to your account at by following the steps in this related article. 




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