Remote Desktop - Sharing a Local Drive - Export and Save to Local Drive

When you export from your scheduling, billing or practice management system running from a Windows Remote Desktop session, your export will usually end up on the SERVER computer, and not be accessible to upload when you need to send it to .

Here's how to make your local computer disk drives accessible to your Remote Desktop session.  This would allow you to save the exported file on your local computer directly or more easily copy it after you export it.

NOTE: Depending on your particular organization's security or other IT Settings, this process may or may not be available to you.

1. Before you login, click the Show Options link at the bottom of the Remote Desktop screen.


2. Click the Local Resources tab and the More... button at the bottom.


3. Check the box next to Windows (C:)

Click OK.


4. Then login to your Remote Desktop session.

From your Remote Desktop session, whenever you look at the Files and Folders, under Your Computer, you should now see your local disk "C on (your computer name)

You can either copy your exported files to this folder, you can save the exported file directly to C.  

That will allow you to "see the file" from your web browser on your computer when you need to upload it to


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