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You can now easily send appointment reminder calls or texts for all your patients if you use Allscripts Sunrise Radiology System.  There are various versions which 1-800 Notify is compatible with.  We also have a fully-automated system using Allscripts Integration, please contact us at 1-800-939-1853 or email at to get setup with the automation.

ONE-TIME SETUP: Create a new Exam List Report in Allscripts Sunrise

Create a new exam list report with the following columns in this order:


Facility Exam Start Date / Time Modality Procedure Patient name Patient telephone numbers Patient MRN Room SCM Order (Exams custom) Accession #

Include the Modalities, Exam Statuses and Priorities that make sense for your environment.

Report format = Excel

DAILY ROUTINE: Run the new Allscripts Sunrise report

1. Pull up the Report templates and select the one created for 1-800 Notify Appointment Reminders


2. Click on the Exam date From and To fields to adjust the date of the appointments to pull for the reminders. 


If you are sending a phone call 2 days prior, then pull the schedule for 2 days ahead of today.  For a text reminder tomorrow, then pull tomorrow's schedule.


3. Click Generate to generate the Excel file.

4. Name the file something easy to remember and place it in a folder you can easily find later when you need to upload the file.

Example, if you were uploading the 2 day ahead schedule for call reminders on 12/8/17, you might name the file 12-8-17-CALLS

Similarly, if you were exporting tomorrow's schedule to send TEXT reminders, you might name the file 12-7-17-TEXTS




NEXT, login and upload that file to your account at by following the steps in this article: 





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