Acumen Nephrology nEHR Appointment Reminders (Call or Text) - PDF format

NOTE: We have a related CSV Export Format Export article here.

Now, you can easily send phone call or text message appointment reminders from Acumen nEHR for nephrology practices.   If you want to send affordable appointment reminder calls or text messages from Acumen, you can use the service from 1-800 Notify by simply exporting your daily schedule to a PDF file and uploading it to your HIPAA secure account.  It's very easy to setup and use.  Once you get going, it just takes about 3 minutes a day to call all your Acumen patients!

VALIDATE MOBILE PHONE NUMBERS: If you choose, we can auto-detect if the phone number you entered is a valid mobile phone or a land line.  If it's a mobile phone and you want us to send a text reminder, we'll do it.

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STEP 1: Export from Acumen to a PDF File

1. From the Main Menu, select the Scheduling Module.


2. Select Patient Appointment Report Options.  

(Also look at "Export Calendar to CSV" - this might be a better option)

3. Under Daily Patient Schedule, select one or more providers (by highlighting them)

4. Select the DATE RANGE.

5. Click Get Report.


6. Click Print in the upper right corner.

7. Select "Save As PDF" from the printer list

8. Make sure to name the file the date of the exported appointments - e.g. "01-30-2015" so you can find it easily later. And, also put it into a location that is easy to find, like your Desktop, Downloads or Documents.


Next, upload that PDF file to your account on by following these steps.




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