Dentrix Appointment Reminders - Daily Routine

This article shows you how to run the daily custom letters report to send your schedule to easily run appointment reminders (Call or Text) with 1-800 Notify.  NOTE: You will have to have first created a custom 1800 Notify report using this related article.

********* IMPORTANT *********

Any appointments where there is no provider assigned may not be exported using this method (and not sent a reminder call or text).  To correct this problem, please make sure all your appointments have a provider assigned.

********* IMPORTANT *********

1. From the Dentrix Office Manager, click Letters from the menu.

2. Click the Misc... button.

3. Click on the 1800 Notify Appt Report you created earlier using this related article.

4. Click Edit.

5. Click the >> button next to the Appointments.

6. Adjust the Beginning and Ending dates to be the single date of the appointments for which you want to send reminders.  Example: If you wanted to send the reminders for 3/4/16, you would set both the dates to that same date.

Adjust other settings as needed, usually the settings shown on the image are correct.

Then click OK.

7. Depending on your version of Dentrix, you may either:

Click the Open in Excel button.... 

... or click Create/Merge, then Create Data file ONLY, OK, View Location to locate where the data file was saved.  Then you can copy/move the data file to someplace that will be easier to find when you need to upload it to

8. Click on Desktop in the left column (may need to slide up to see it).

9. If you have created a folder to store all your exported files, double click on it (like "1800 Notify" folder shown).

10. Change the file name to the date of the appointments. 

Or, you can add a T to the beginning if you are doing texting only reminders or a C if you are doing calling only reminders.  

Then click SAVE.


If you need to export another day's schedule, do it now.

If you are done, then go on to the next article that shows you how to upload your file to start the reminders.


Here is how to upload your exported files to start your reminders.


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