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Now, you can easily send automated appointment reminders (phone call or text message) from your schedule in MINDBODY Online Business Management System.  In a few simple steps, you can generate your export file for 1-800 Notify so you can easily send appointment reminders to all your patients.

What if a mobile phone is in the Home Phone field? We can auto-detect if the phone number you entered is a valid mobile phone or a land line (even if it's in the home phone field).  If it's a mobile phone and you want us to send a text message reminder, we'll do it.

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STEP 1: Export the Schedule to an Excel File

1. Login to MINDBODY, click on REPORTS.

2. Click on CLIENTS.

3. Click View Report for the Schedule at a Glance report.

4. Select dates (usually 1 or 2 working days ahead of today).

5. Adjust Filters as needed (usually you can leave these alone).

6. IMPORTANT: You must check only the Phone Numbers in Options.

7. Click the Go button to generate the report.

8. Click Export to Excel


What happens next depends on your browser download settings.

If your browser automatically downloads the Excel report to your Downloads folder, you'll have to go there to find it to upload it to 1-800 Notify.

If your browser gives you a choice to name and save the Excel file in a specific location, then save it on your Desktop, Downloads or you may want to create a 1-800 Notify folder to keep all your schedule exports organized.  We recommend naming the file the date of the appointments - like 03-28-16 for March 28, 2016 appointments.


STEP 2: Securely Upload that Exported Schedule file to Your 1-800 Notify Account

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